Meet Lucy the Super Pooch. She’s Toby’s assistant coach and lover of romping in the snow. It’s easy for Lucy: her coat and boots are built-in. Lucy feels bad for humans who have to wear bulky gear to stay warm in the snow. That’s why she opened her own Swix shop at the Odin Sports Center. Swix designs high-tech Nordic ski wear so you can be as free and comfortable in the snow as Lucy is. And, without pups to put through college or much of a food bill, Lucy can offer doggone low pricing on kidswear, adult wear, water bottles, hats, headbands, and more. Check out her end-of-season Bow Wowzer of a Sale: 30% off everything in her shop until it’s an empty as her dog bowl. Come up to the Odin Sports Center at Powderhorn now through the end of March or shop online.