Lucy’s Pro Shop Now Open!

Lucy’s Pro Shop Now Open!

Meet Lucy the Super Pooch. She’s Toby’s assistant coach and lover of romping in the snow. It’s easy for Lucy: her coat and boots are built-in. Lucy feels bad for humans who have to wear bulky gear to stay warm in the snow. That’s why she opened her own Swix shop at...

Meet Jennifer

Meet Jennifer

She's Toby's Dream Three years ago, when I first met National Masters Champion and 50-year ski veteran Toby Morse, he was dreaming of grooming world-class Nordic ski trails at an unused section of Powderhorn Mountain. The Grand Mesa, he noted, has the perfect...

Is Grand Junction a Ski Town?

Visit Vail or Aspen and you know you are in a ski town. Ski lifts and hotels dominate the landscape. Everyone seems to be wearing spandex pants and sleek jackets with a pair of reflective goggles strapped around their foreheads, and there is snow. Everywhere. Grand...

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