Lucy’s Pro Shop Now Open!

Lucy’s Pro Shop Now Open!

Meet Lucy the Super Pooch. She’s Toby’s assistant coach and lover of romping in the snow. It’s easy for Lucy: her coat and boots are built-in. Lucy feels bad for humans who have to wear bulky gear to stay warm in the snow. That’s why she opened her own Swix shop at...

Snow Sports on the Grand Mesa Radio Show

People flock to the Grand Mesa all summer long for hiking, camping, and fishing, but few know the Grand Mesa is one of the world's gems when it comes to snow sports. Getting the word out is founder of Odin Recreation Toby Morse's life dream. Toby Morse, a 50-year...

Here’s What Happened on Day 2

Today is day two of the Odin Holiday Ski Camp, and I'm watching junior coach Jordan guide our newer campers down a hill on the Nordic Terrain Park as I sit stoveside in the cozy OSC pro shop. Gingerly, these tiny skiers walk their way to the top of the hill, then...

2018 Holiday Kids Camp

Register NOW by emailing subject line: CAMP. Coach Toby Morse has been firing up his snowcat daily since the first snow of 2018 hit the Grand Mesa. His goal is to create the best Nordic skiing anywhere in western Colorado for skiers of all...

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